Pot Luck Returns!!
Relaunch of the popular
1979 board game

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Play Pot Luck Board Game Relaunch

Welcome to Pot Luck!

We are excited to relaunch this popular 1979 board game, Pot Luck, to the worldwide audience.

A competitive, hilarious board game, played similar to Monopoly, in which you buy, sell and deal in marijuana rather than real estate. You buy pounds and bales, instead of houses and hotels, and you draw FAR OUT and BUM ME OUT cards.

With the widespread legalization and acceptance of marijuana, and renewed interest and demand for retro games, it is time to bring this favorite back to the eager public, via Kickstarter.

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What Is PotLuck

Pot Luck is a game in which the object is to become the wealthiest player through buying, selling and dealing in pot.

The game begins at the "Straight Spot" square. Then you navigate your way around the board and purchase title cards in marijuana such as Maui Wowie, Thai Stick, and Panama Red while dealing in pounds and bales.

St raight Spot

Columbian Red
Columbian Red Plant

Colombian Red Bud Pot title card.

Land on a "Far Out" or "Bum Me Out" space and draw a card such as:

Bum Me Out or Collect 1200

Win by having the most money or by being the only player with enough pot and money to continue.

How It All Began

Pot Luck was originally created in 1979 by two friends who wanted to design a game concept to give people a fun, fictional opportunity to buy and sell pot in their own living rooms.

This game became a national sensation, selling more than twelve thousand copies during its first year of production.

With Playboy and High Times featuring Pot Luck in their magazines, instant interest was created for this hot commodity.

How PotLuck began

Pot luck was headed for great success, even winning the Best New Product Award at the 1979 Chicago Gift Show.
Unfortunately, during the early 1980”s, the timing from Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign forced all marijuana based businesses to close.

Over the past four decades, Pot Luck has become one of the holy grails of the retro gaming collectors movement, with original copies still being offered for over $400 on Ebay & Amazon.

Now, society's attitudes has changed. Pot is mainstream and the world is ready for this exciting marijuana themed game, Pot Luck.

How to Play

Build your empire by purchasing marijuana title cards and charging a "toking fee" for other players to share in your stash whenever they land on it.

If you land on a "dealing" square, you can buy, sell, broker, or trade with any other player or players.

Too High


We are looking forward to once again making Pot Luck available for everyone to enjoy.

PotLuck Game Components


PlayBoy Story
"Somebody had to do it, create a game similar to Monopoly in which the players wheel and deal with quantities of marijuana rather than real estate"
Playboy June 198

"Pot Luck is much like Monopoly, except that the trappings of the game instead of being houses, hotels and real estate, the deeds are different sized bundles of marijuana.

Shares of play money are passed out to the players and then each starts marching his token around the board dictated by rolls of the dice"
Jack Kisling The Denver Post Nov 25 1979

The Atlanta
Journal Constitution

"Just in time to be the season's jolly hit gag gift, Pot Luck will likely monopolize the Christmas Marketplace. Kapcar was euphoric about their new toy when contacted by phone."
Howard Posner Atlanta Constitution Nov 22 1979

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Teresa: 5 Stars
I had this game in the 70's it's awesome!!! just ordered it, never thought I'd find it again. So happy!!!!!!
Amazon June 30, 2014

$39.95 + $9.95 Shipping USA
Select quantity at check-out page.

Delivery is scheduled for March, 2020

Order above or at Kickstarter ( Click here for Kickstarter page.)

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